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pickled zucchini in oil
Pickled Zucchini

Yes, you read it right - pickled zucchini! You might be thinking how is this possible and that zucchini would...

Apple Cinnamon Cookies
Apple Spice Cookies

Do you have memories of food that touches all of your senses and brings you back to a time you...

Anisette Biscotti

    Ahh the good ole days - when you just popped in at family and friends and had spontaneous visits and...

roasted vegetable panini
Grilled Vegetable Panini

Hard to believe it’s almost Canadian Thanksgiving here in southwestern Ontario. It’s a busy time of year for canning, freezing,...

In My Parents’ Garden

To say that the last several months have been very difficult would be a complete understatement. From the stark reality of...

Italian vegan pie
Open-Face Vegetarian Potato Pie

This vegetarian 'pie' was inspired by my mother-in-law's rustic 'rapa and patata' recipe. Her recipe is usually made to be...

Pasta with clams in red sauce

Dinner on Christmas Eve, La Vigilia di Natale, at our place ALWAYS begins with pasta con le vongole and pomodoro,...

Polenta with Meat Sauce

When I think of comfort food Italian style, I think of polenta - and this time of year is the...

Salted Cod – Baccala

Salted cod, known as ‘baccala’ in Italian, is a fish that has enjoyed extreme popularity in much of the Mediterranean....

homemade Italian torrone recipe

 When you think of sweet and delicious Italian Christmas treats, torrone ranks up there as a favorite! Torrone or nougat...

pasta-ca-broccola pasta with cauliflower
Cheesy Cauliflower Pasta

A while back we were invited to Windsor Ontario Canada to meet Nonna Gina and her family who were gracious...

torta della nonna
Torta della Nonna

Mother’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate and honor the wonderful mother’s and mother figures in our lives. It...

Schiacciata Siciliana

Schiacciata (ski-yah-cha-ta) Meaning ‘squashed’ or ‘flattened’ in Italian, is also a name given to an Italian pizza/bread that has a...

ingredients for an Italian Easter dinner 6 to 8 people from Farm Boy
Italian Easter Recipes

We are excited to bring you this post in time for your Easter celebration. This week we challenged ourselves to shop...

Brodo di Pollo | Chicken Broth

I love when my family comes home and enthusiastically asks "are you making nonna's soup"? Their clue is the wonderful...

Italian Potato Salad

This easy to prepare Italian potato salad with a homemade EVOO and vinegar dressing is so simple and yet a very popular dish...

Lemon Sticky Buns


italian farro recipe with parsley, onion, and sundried tomatoes
Mediterranean Farro Dish

This Mediterranean farro dish is going straight to the top of your favourites list once you try it!  But first, let's...

italian lentil soup recipe
Lentil Soup

This lentil soup is easy to make and is a hearty dish that leaves you wanting nothing else for dinner....

dehydrating tomatoes
DIY Sundried Tomatoes

 A while back we showed you how to dress sun dried tomatoes. We got such great feedback and interest that...

DIY dried hot peppers
Drying Hot Peppers

This DIY dried hot peppers post is a must-read for any lover of hot foods and peppers! The first time...

Eggplant Parmigiana Sauce

It's the beginning of August and a trip to our local farms have confirmed our suspicions - eggplant season has...

on set with Nonna's Way
Nonna’s Way TV Pitch!

A few months ago Nonna's Way was contacted by Paul from a television and digital media content production company to do a...

Ciambelle di pane is the Italian version of a ball park pretzel. |
Ciambelle di Pane

You hear the word 'ciambelle' a lot in Italian baking. There are so many different types of ciambelle, ciambellette and ciambellini!...

Light and easy to make choux pastry filled with venetian cream. A popular dessert on Saint Josephs Day.
Zeppole di San Giuseppe

March 19 marks the Feast of St. Joseph. This day is widely celebrated by Catholic Italians not only in Italy...

nonna eva's way
Nonna Eva’s Ravioli

Not long ago I asked an old school friend if his mom and family would be interested in having a favorite...

featured blog
Cool, Check it Out!!

Well this is pretty awesome! Thank you Food Bloggers of Canada for choosing Nonna's Way as your featured blog! With...

make nduja
Nduja Style Salami

  Nduja, pronounced 'An-du-ra' or 'An-du-ya' depending where you are in Italy, originates from a Calabrian village that one of my...

Italian sausage
Sausage Making Time!

It's that time of year again, sausage making time! Sure, you can buy sausage and salami in the store but...

italian minestrone recipe

Although we have been lucky up until now here in southwestern Ontario with weather, winter has just arrived and it...

eggs and tomatoes
Eggs with Tomato and Onion

Eggs with tomato and onion. "Alla gloria di dio, ci'a racommando a papa mio" is what my mom says every...

white pizza with asparagus
Asparagus Pizza

Asparagus pizza may not be what pops into mind when you think pizza, but trust me, this recipe from Nonna...

italian pepper, potato, and eggplant dish

Thanksgiving weekend just passed in Canada and here in southern Ontario we have been enjoying what are probably our last...

roasted shepard peppers
Roasted Peppers

Roasting peppers over a fire, out of all the autumn preserving, I think,  is my favorite. It might be because...

Twist Cookies

Angela was so excited that we finally got Nonna Caterina to make her favourite cookies-"twists". Truth be told, we're not...

Garden update

Just a little garden update for you from Nonno Giovanni! Asparagus have gone to seed now so we hope you enjoyed...

Polpette, Italian Meatballs

Everyone raves about this 'polpette' recipe, Italian for 'meatballs', that nonna Francesca has been making for over 50 years. She...

Italian potato pizza recipe and how to
Potato Pizza

Here's the next pizza feature that we promised. We were back at Nonna Anna's this week for her long awaited potato pizza recipe....

Italian ciambellette cookie recipe. White wine is used to make this extemely easy Italian cookie.
Ciambellette, Italian Cookies

Ciambellette are a classic Italian cookie that have been a staple in our home since I can remember. I can recall,...

Nonnas Calabrese pizza recipe with tomatoes, kalamata olives, anchovies and hot peppers.
Calabrese pizza

We hope you have had a chance to try the pizza dough recipe we featured a couple of weeks ago....

Italian cookies - This Italian cookie, called 'frappe' is beautiful to present and super light and delicious to eat!

Did you guess from the video we posted that the dough the nonnas were preparing would turn into these beautiful...

Nonno’s Italian garden update

Just a quick garden update from Nonno Giovanni's Italian garden! See the post where he planted these seeds last month....

Italian crespelle, a.k.a fritters or zeppole, are a sweet dough with raisins that are fried until golden and sprinkled with sugar before eating.
Crespelle with Raisins

You will love this for dessert or just a snack…pillowy soft dough with raisins that is deep fried until golden...

How to make Italian gnochi - A great visual and recipe for homemade potato gnochi as well as different ways to indent them so they hold onto lots of sauce!
Classic Potato Gnocchi Recipe

There are so many variations of gnocchi, but this classic potato gnocchi recipe is my favourite. A simple tomato sauce...

If you have made your own sundried tomatoes or bought a bag of them you will want to dress them before eating. Nonna Olga shows us how and what to add.
Sun Dried Tomatoes

You are probably wondering why we would do a post on sun-dried tomatoes. Because they are so delicious and can...

Garden Preparations

I was speaking to one of my uncles last week and learned that in Southern Italy where he lives, they are...

Ricotta cake is simple, beautiful, and easy to make. Ricotta is for baking too!
Ricotta Cake

In memory of my father-in-law, Nonno Pasquale,  that passed away January 2, 2015, I thought it fitting to dedicate this...

italian struffoli are deep fried morsels of dough that are bathed in warm honey and adorned with sprinkles and some orange zest. Delicious!

  In case you are wondering what struffoli are, they are deep fried morsels of dough that expand as they cook....

La Cantina | The Cold Cellar

Welcome to the launch of our new blog: “Nonna’s Way-the Story of our Food”   Our mutual desire to preserve what we like...

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