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Salted Cod – Baccala

Salted cod, known as ‘baccala’ in Italian, is a fish that has enjoyed extreme popularity in much of the Mediterranean. You would think...

torta della nonna
Torta della Nonna

Mother’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate and honor the wonderful mother’s and mother figures in our lives. It is truly a...

Schiacciata Siciliana

Schiacciata (ski-yah-cha-ta) Meaning ‘squashed’ or ‘flattened’ in Italian, is also a name given to an Italian pizza/bread that has a myriad of variations...

Lemon Sticky Buns

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: IF YOU LOVE LEMONS THESE LEMON STICKY BUNS ARE FOR YOU! These lemon sticky buns are an adaptation of Nonna's sweet...

italian farro recipe with parsley, onion, and sundried tomatoes
Mediterranean Farro Dish

This Mediterranean farro dish is going straight to the top of your favourites list once you try it!  But first, let's touch upon the...

A Christmas Celebration Italian Style

Italy is a country entrenched in tradition and special celebrations. We have to say though, Christmas Eve is likely the most anticipated celebration...

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