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Schiacciata Siciliana

Schiacciata (ski-yah-cha-ta) Meaning ‘squashed’ or ‘flattened’ in Italian, is also a name given to an Italian pizza/bread that has a myriad of variations...

ingredients for an Italian Easter dinner 6 to 8 people from Farm Boy
Italian Easter Recipes

We are excited to bring you this post in time for your Easter celebration. This week we challenged ourselves to shop at our local...

Brodo di Pollo | Chicken Broth

I love when my family comes home and enthusiastically asks "are you making nonna's soup"? Their clue is the wonderful and comforting aroma...

Italian Potato Salad

This easy to prepare Italian potato salad with a homemade EVOO and vinegar dressing is so simple and yet a very popular dish at any gathering....

Lemon Sticky Buns

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: IF YOU LOVE LEMONS THESE LEMON STICKY BUNS ARE FOR YOU! These lemon sticky buns are an adaptation of Nonna's sweet...

italian lentil soup recipe
Lentil Soup

This lentil soup is easy to make and is a hearty dish that leaves you wanting nothing else for dinner. According to Nonna...

dehydrating tomatoes
DIY Sundried Tomatoes

 A while back we showed you how to dress sun dried tomatoes. We got such great feedback and interest that we wanted to...

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